Starting a Nutritional Supplements Business Could Be Very Costly and Challenging as It Requires a Lot of Attention to a Great Many Details That Oftentimes Prove to Be Too Cumbersome and Even Fatal for The Sustainability of a Business. Vitacio UK Not Only Supplies Products On a Wholesale Scale, But We Also Take Care of Product Investments Along with Handling All the Legal and Logistical Requirements to Consistently Bring a Safe and Beneficial Supplements Range to The Market. Manufacturing, Regulations, Marketing, Developing Formulations That Will Outsell Competitors, and a Host of Other Details Are Taken Care of by Our Expert Team. Effectively, We Allow You to Focus On What is Important – Delivering to The Needs of Your Clients in A Healthy and Responsible Way Without Spending All Your Time and Money on Keeping Up to Date with Legislative Requirements.

By Using Our Private Label Service to Build Your Business, You Eliminate Most of the Challenges, Setting Your Business Up for Success in a Responsible Manner.

At Vitacio UK We Know it is Not Always Easy Starting a Supplement Business, So We Have Adapted Our Wholesale Business to

That Fact and We Are Able to Get You Up and Running on Whatever Budget You Have. We Offer One of the Largest Portfolios of Supplements in The Market Right Now, Totalling Over 80 Products Available for Order at Any Given Moment in Time.

Your Own Label Gives You the Chance to Brand Your Own Range, Without the Set-Up and Maintenance Costs Normally Associated with Launching Your Own Products Range.

Advantages of Starting Your Own Supplements Label:

✓ Brand Out from The Crowd with Your Own Supplements Label (Rather Than Someone Else’s)

✓ Shape Your Packaging to Your Specific Target Market(s)

✓ Encourage Repeat Business (By Having Your Contact Details, Email, Web address, etc.) on the label

✓ Set Your Own Selling Prices (Without Fears Over Competing with The Same Brand)

Apart from the Advantages Mentioned Above, Your Competitive Strength Lies Mostly in Vitacio UK, Allowing You to Offer Pure Nutritional Supplements with No Additives at Competitive Prices to Your Customers.

We Only Sell Pure Nutritional Supplements Made from Carefully Selected Pure and Standardized Extract Concentrate, Derived from 100% Natural Fruits & Herbs, Without Any Side Effects from Toxic and Harmful Additives. We Consistently Deliver Products That Results in 10 to 80 Times More Potent Products Than Those Sold by Competitors.

Recently, The Economic Downturn Forced Many Companies to Reformulate Their Supplements and Shockingly, Most Products Only Contain 5 to 10% Natural Ingredients – Effectively Cheating Customers Out of a Healthy and Beneficial Experience with Real Natural Supplements. Vitacio UK is Unique in That Our Sourcing Strategy and Our Growth Model Provide for Meeting the Needs of Consumers in a Challenging Economic Atmosphere Without Having to Compromise on Product Quality. We Guarantee to Stand by That Principle in Every Decision We Make – No Compromise, Ever!

All of Our Products Are Free of Fillers, Binders and Other Toxic Artificial Ingredients.

We Can Supply Almost All of Our Wholesale Supplements as White Labels (No Label So You Can Fix Your Own), or We Can Customise Our Readymade White Label to Fit Your Range Requirements.

Standing Out in The Supplements Niche Market is Challenging, So We Make Sure to Always Be Up to Date on the Newest Products and Provide You with World Class Label Designs by Our In-House Team.

White Label Supplements

How do I Set Up my Own label?

Setting Up Your Own Label is Very Simple and Straightforward. We Can Supply Almost All Our Wholesale Supplements as White Label (No Label So You Can Fix Your Own). Most of Our Smaller Re-Sellers Print Their Own Labels or Use Online Print Companies.

We Also Offer a Helping Hand for Those Re-Sellers That Are at The Early Stages of the Development of Their Business, or Those Re-Sellers That Would Like to Fast Track the Process with their Own Label Customisation Services. For as Little as £49.99, We Can Get Our Graphic Designers to Customise Our Ready-Made White Label Template to Fit Your Range Requirements.

This Service Only Includes Customising Our Ready-Made White Label Template with Your Logo, Your Preferred Colour Choices, and Business Information such as Address, Email & Website, etc. The Cost Includes the Generation of 1x New Label and Pot/Bottle Image That You Can Use for Listing on Selling Platforms Such as eBay and Amazon, or Your Own Website even.

Special Note. We Only Charge You Between £55 to £40 per Label to Recover the Cost of the Time That Our Graphic Designer Spends on Customising a Product’s Template. The Label Printing and Fixing are Free of Charge as a Complimentary Service for Our Customers. You May Order This Service from The Service Menu on the Left-Hand Column of the Members’ Area. We Endeavour to Send You a Proof of The Graphic Within 2 to 3 Business Days (Depending on Our Workload and Your Responsiveness in Communicating With us).

That’s it – Simple and Straightforward!

Any questions? Please Email Us, We Are Ready to Assist in Any Way We Can.